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Cracks in Concrete – That You Should Have an Expert Look At

Following on from our last blog, concrete is a highly durable material but it also has its limits. Under certain circumstances, concrete is especially prone to cracking. If the concrete on either side of the crack…

22nd July 2019




Cracking in Concrete – Is This Normal? – YES

Concrete is a highly versatile and durable construction material which is used extensively on buildings, bridges and roads. Concrete has high compressive strength but its tensile strength…

14th June 2019




What Makes a Great Kitchen?

Real estate agents will tell you that kitchens sell houses, that they are the beating heart of every home, but what makes a great kitchen? Is it the colour scheme, the placement of appliances, the proximity to the living spaces, or …

17th May 2019




Interior Designers – How Do They Work and Should You Use One?

You’ve already invested a significant amount of money into your home. So it only makes sense that you want to showcase it to look its absolute best on the inside.

27th March 2019




Expect the Unexpected With Building Costs

As the saying goes “The difference between two quotes is not the price” building a home can be a challenge when unexpected costs threaten to blow your budget…

16th February 2019





10 Reasons to Choose a Small Custom Builder

For anyone embarking on the journey of building a new home, choosing the right builder is the first and most important task to complete. Unlike big project builders who…

23rd January 2019




What are the steps to building a house?

You have bought your ideal piece of land, have solid ideas on the house plan and can’t wait to move in…

4th October 2018


Building to House Two Generations



Building to House Two Generations

Do you need a fabulous new home that can house two generations under one roof? From creating more flexible indoor spaces and adding more doors or maximising the storage space to building a granny flat in the garden, here is how to make the most of those square meters…

30th August 2018


Custom Home Built in Claremont


How to make building your home a stress-free process

You have decided it is time to build your dream home, but it all sounds rather stressful, right? It doesn’t have to be! Once you know what you want, there are some simple steps to ensure…

14th August 2018