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Balga Block Owner: Why Using a Solar Passive Design Home Builder is the Best Choice

Solar Passive Design Home Builder in Balga Devrite Homes

Devrite Homes is an Solar Passive Design Home Builder across Perth and can do the same for your block in Balga

Using an Solar Passive Design Home Builder within Balga, will have a variety of benefits, such as increasing the overall value of the home, helping it to retain its value, reducing the total running costs, improve living comfort and minimise the impact on the environment.

An average Australian Home in Balga, uses about 40% of its energy usage in heating or cooling, reducing this can drastically reduce your energy costs. Solar Passive Design Home Builder will use the following methods to achieved this include proven techniques to ensure all the home is energy efficient and comfortable year round. Some of these techniques include, utilising more efficient appliances, insulation and air sealing, lighting changes, space heating and cooling and more effect windows doors and skylights.

Another key area in improving energy efficiency is lighting. Lighting traditionally is made up of mostly incandescent bulbs that are highly inefficient as around 90% of the energy generated is given off as heat. As a result an average household in Balga, will be consuming about 5% of its total energy budget to just lighting. Solar Passive Design Home Builder can change the light fixtures to more energy efficient alternatives such as Halogen Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent lamps – (CFL) or Light Emitting Diodes – (LED) will provide better light levels while using only 20% of the power, while lasting up to 10 times longer. While these lights tend to cost more initially they the savings on energy consumption will result in lifetime savings reflected in a reduced power bill.

Solar passive design’s utilise the climate and orientation of a house to eliminate the need for the more conventional means of auxiliary heating or cooling. As such a large percentage of a households energy usage is dedicated to this a passive design can offer substantial improvements. These designs are carefully implemented by Solar Passive Design Home Builder, to minimise unwanted heat gain and loss so that interior temperatures only fluctuate a small amount. Some of the energy efficient & eco-friendly products and materials that we utilities include:

– Double Glazed windows, PVC windows
– Hebel panelling
– Solar Panels
– Grey water recycling systems
– Rainwater tanks

When Devrite designs a sustainable living home in Balga, one of the aspects that the Solar Passive Design Home Builder will consider is the orientation of the house on the block in relation to the sun.  The windows that are located on the northern side will provide warmth and natural light in the winter months, while the windows on the western and eastern sides of the home should be kept to a minimum. This will limit the amount of direct sunlight and heat entering the house. On the southern side of the house the windows should be allowed to be opened to allow for cross ventilation which will help to keep the home cool.
By adding height windows or ceiling vents any trapped heat within the home will be able to escape through these areas. Correct ventilation in an energy efficient home will improve the health and comfort of the occupant as it creates a controlled environment.

The garden and reticulation should also be designed with conserving and recycling water as a priority especially in Balga, as winter and summer water restrictions have been implemented to try and maintain water levels in our dams. Average households within Balga uses about half of their water in the garden. Efficient reticulation systems, appropriate plant selection, using an effective soil and mulching techniques and minimising areas of lawn, will all contribute to reducing the total water usage.

Combining these energy efficient and eco-friendly products with a sustainable living design will maximise the effect. By using an Solar Passive Design Home Builder in Balga, not only will you save money in running costs, but also will improve the overall comfort of the home as the internal temperature should stay roughly the same a long with the air being properly filtered.

Devrite Homes has had great success with suppliers such as Brikmakers and Kris Walker from Splash and Gas Plumbers Balga and can strongly recommend them. Find out more about Devrite as a Custom Home Builder in Balga.


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